This $200 Bourbon is Crafted to Pair with a Good Cigar

The Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend whiskey has been a popular seller since its release a few years ago.

The Cigar Blend Bourbon by Joseph Magnus
Joseph Magnus
The Cigar Blend Bourbon by Joseph Magnus

Joseph Magnus, a Michigan distillery rooted in pre-prohibition history, produces a high-end bourbon called the Cigar Blend, crafted specifically for pairing with cigars. With a robust flavor profile including notes of vanilla, dried fruit, spice, and a 114 proof kick, it's ideal for aficionados seeking a bold complement to their smoke. Aged between 10 to 18 years and finished in Armagnac barrels, it offers complexity and richness. While priced at $200, it provides a delightful experience, best enjoyed neat alongside a cigar or with a slowly melting ice cube to savor the evolving flavors. Read more about this excellent pairing.