These Are Some Of The Best Bourbon And Flavored Cigar Pairings

Forbes explores the booming markets of flavored spirits and cigars, noting their natural pairing potential.

Bourbon and cigars are a classic pairing
Bourbon and cigars are a classic pairing

Expert Michael Przydzial shares insights on pairing spirits, both flavored and unflavored, with flavored cigars. The Global Flavored Spirits Market reached $18.5 billion in 2022, projected to hit $56.9 billion by 2031, with flavored whiskeys leading growth. In the US, flavored spirits, especially whiskey, have surged, attracting new consumers and appealing to existing drinkers. Craft distilleries drive innovation in flavored whiskeys, while flavored cigars appeal to new and occasional smokers with a range of flavors and affordable options. Przydzial suggests classic pairings, including spirits finished in casks from sweet wines like Sherry and Port, and artificially flavored spirits. Read the full article for more tips on enhancing the pairing and experience.