What To Know About Blanton's Bourbon

Featured throughout the John Wick movies, Wick's drink of choice is a nice glass of Blanton's Kentucky bourbon.

Blantons Bourbon - John Wick's drink of choice
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Blantons Bourbon - John Wick's drink of choice

The "John Wick" movie series has made Blanton's bourbon from Kentucky famous as the titular character's drink of choice. Despite not being owned by Buffalo Trace, Blanton's single-barrel distinction and ties to bourbon royalty maintain its high-end reputation. Keanu Reeves's association with the brand on screen adds to its allure, but ultimately, its smooth and balanced taste with notes of vanilla, caramel, and spices make it a sought-after bourbon. Additionally, the collectible nature of its bottles, each adorned with a unique horse and jockey metal stopper, contributes to its appeal among enthusiasts.