Skip Dessert: 7 Excellent After-Dinner Bourbons

We scoured through our favorite bourbons we reviewed this year and plucked out the ones we consider the most indulgent.

After Dinner Bourbons
After Dinner Bourbons

In the realm of bourbons, there exists a diverse array, from bright and fruit-forward to those that embody the sweeter, more decadent side of the category. In this exploration of the most indulgent bourbons of 2023, we highlight the tasting notes of caramel, praline, oak, chocolate, vanilla, and toffee – inviting you to elevate your post-meal experience with these rich and flavorful options. So, after savoring your last bite of holiday ham, set aside the usual cookies and cheesecake, and consider the following bourbons for a mellow, fireside sit-down as you digest.