Spike Lemonade With Bourbon For A Boozy Take On A Refreshing Favorite

Don't complicate it. Occasionally, the finest cocktails are just a blend of two beloved elements, like lemonade and bourbon in this instance.

Spiked lemonade with bourbon, simple and smooth
Candice Bell/Shutterstock
Spiked lemonade with bourbon, simple and smooth

Mixologists recognize the potential of dark spirits like bourbon in crafting cocktails, especially when paired with lemonade. This combination offers a nuanced flavor profile absent in clear liquors. To create a bourbon lemonade, choose a budget-friendly bourbon with tasting notes like vanilla and fruit, avoiding smoky or spicy varieties. Guests can serve themselves, adjusting the bourbon content to their preference. Store-bought lemonade is a convenient option but ensure it's not overly sweet to maintain cocktail balance. Read the article for more tips and tricks.